MICROINVERTERS ( GRID-TIE ) have the same functionality as Grid-tie inverters, but unlike them are designed to work exclusively with a single or a small number of PV modules. Grid-tie microinverters synchronize with the existing power grid (230V / 50 Hz for Bulgaria) and can work only when connected to it. Thanks to its advanced technology GMI offer better utilization of the power generated by each PV module, have higher reliability, simplified installation and provide more efficient management of the whole photovoltaic system.



  • Up to 20% higher energy yield compared to a PV system with a string inverter
  • Constant monitoring at PV module level
  • Long operational life - 20 years
  • No single point of failure
  • Easy installation


Microinverter Envertech EVT248 ( 1 x 300W, 230V/50Hz, IP65 ) - 100 Euro

Microinverter APsystems YC500A ( 2 x 270W, 230V/50Hz, IP65 ) - 200 Euro

Three phase microinverter APsystems YC1000-3 ( 4 x 310W, 3-Phase, IP65 ) - 350 Euro