PV panels


PHOTOVOLTAIC ( PV ) PANEL is the main element of any photovoltaic system. It consists of a number of interconnected PV cells, that convert the light energy into electricity. According to the technology of their photovoltaic cells, the panels are divide into monocrystalline, polycrystalline or amorphous.

As the power of a standard crystalline panel ( dimensions 1.0m x 1.6m ) is around 300W, the PV systems, which generate electricity for domestic and industrial use, contain a greater number of

VERSOLEY Ltd. offers PV panels from the Bulgarian company Hermes Solar and the Taiwanese BenQ. BenQ Solar produces efficient mono and polycrystalline panels - the high quality Sunprimo and the ultralight Aer.


Victron 30W polycrystalline ( VMPP 18V, IMPP 1.67A ) - 40.00 Euro

Victron 50W polycrystalline ( VMPP 18V, IMPP 2.78A ) - 60.00 Euro

Victron 80W polycrystalline ( VMPP 18V, IMPP 4.45A ) - 90.00 Euro

HS 250W polycrystalline ( VMPP 31.0V, IMPP 8.06A ) - 85.00 Euro sale_1