Wind turbines



WIND TURBINES are devices that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical power. The small wind turbines ( with power between 50W and 2000W ) are used in industrial, marine and residential renewable energy systems and solutions. Depending on their design the wind turbines can operate in winds with speed from 3-4 m/s to 25-30 m/s, and their power grows almost linearly with the wind speed.


VERSOLEY Ltd offers high quality wind turbines produces by the British company Leading Edge Turbines Ltd.





LE-v150 - is a compact and lightweight wind turbine with vertical axis made of high quality aluminium alloys and stainless steel. Designed to withstand the harsh effects of extreme environments the LE-v150 can provide up to 200W electric power. The turbine can be used on boats, caravans, for street signage and lighting or in applications that require safety, reliability and compact size.

- extremely silent and safe operation

- compact size: 110 х 35 cm

- low weight: 13 kg

- practically indestructible: 200 km/h Antarctic winds


LE-v150 ( 150W, 12/24V, 13 kg ) - 800.00 Euro





LE-600 - is a wind turbine with horizontal axis and three blades, 1.54 m rotor diameter and power up to 750W. Produced from aerospace grade coated stainless steel and anodized aluminium alloys the turbine provides 20 years of operational life. Designed for maximum power and reliability the LE-600 is used as a compliment to existing PV off-grid systems, where it guarantees more electrical power in the night and during the months of low sun radiation. The passive aerodynamic design of the 'Whispower' TM rotor blades limits the turbine rotation speed and ensures smooth operation in the harshest squalls and storms.

- powerful and durable

- unique 'Downwind' design with no tail boom 

- very low weight: 19.5 kg

- easy installation and flexible electrical system


LE-600 ( 600W, 12/24/48V, 19.5 kg ) - 1,000.00 Euro