Solar roof tiles



VERSOLEY Ltd is representative for Bulgaria of the Chinese hightech company for Building Integrated PV solutions Heda Solar Technology Co. The company offers a wide variety of roof tiles and panels, developed by experts in the field of photovoltaic and produced according to the highest international standards.

HEDA SOLAR TILE® is a photovoltaic roof tile, designed to provide full architectural and structural integration of the solar system and compatibility with the most popular types of ceramic roof tiles:

  • Area of the roof, necessary for 1 kWp: 14 m2

  • Quantity of HEDA SOLAR TILE®, required for 1 kWp: 125

  • Nominal power: 8.0 Wp

  • Dimensions: 440 х 325 х 45 mm

  • Weight: 3.2 kg


Datasheet: HEDA SOLAR TILE® 8W