Grid connected systems


GRID CONNECTED PV or WIND SYSTEMS transform the DC power generated by the PV panels or the wind turbines into AC with the help of grid-tie inverters and deliver it to the existing public electrical grid. Installation'Grid connected systems' differ from the 'autonomous systems' with the absence of storage batteries ( the electrical grid acts as a storage ). Hence the 'Grid connected systems' can not operate in the absence of AC voltage at the output of the grid-tie inverter.

The existеnce of Feed-in-Tariffs for the electricity generated by renewable energy sources, turns the 'Grid connected PV or Wind systems' into an investment opportunity and makes them the most widely spread PV systems in the World. At the moment the electricity generated by a rooftop PV system with power ≤30 kWp, is bought by the Distribution companies at around 100 Euro/MWh without VAT.

VERSOLEY Ltd has a certified and trained in Germany team for designing and implementing high quality PV, Wind and combined PV/Thermal systems of up to 30kW power.