Monitoring & Control


VERSOLEY Ltd offers versatile solutions for monitoring and control of all inverter brands and PV systems.Monitoring_2a_copy

The monitoring of the photovoltaic systems is essential for their reliable operation and maximum energy yield. Customers can monitor the system performance by reading the parameters displayed on the LCD screen, which is an integral part of almost every grid-tie inverter.

A professional system for monitoring  and control can collect, store and analyze the most important parameters of a PV system: voltage and current of the PV arrays, AC power, Grid voltage, etc., as well as environmental data: module temperature, ambient temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, etc. Remote management and monitoring is provided through various types of technologies for data transmission: analogue modem, ISDN, Internet, GSM, etc. The most common technologies for local / remote control are:

• USB or RS232 for local monitoring
• RS485 and Powerline for communication between the inverters
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless connections

Additional services, such as satellite-based monitoring are also available.